Short Biography

Arne Meeuw is a doctoral researcher and Ph.D. candidate at University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland since April 2016. His research centers around distributed smart energy systems, Internet of Things and blockchain technology. Before joining the Bosch Internet of Things Lab at HSG, Arne was part of the Embedded Systems Group at TUM CREATE Ltd. in Singapore since 2014 by conducting his master’s thesis and following up as Research Assistant. Previously he worked at the Institute for Micro technology and medical device technology at Technische Universität München where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.
His Master’s thesis focused around designing a communication protocol for Smart Battery Cells, implementing behavioral patterns for active balancing sequences and analyzing their feasibility and efficiency. The implementations were done on a hardware demonstrating platform, which consists of five equivalent units based on a STM32F04 microcontroller running µC/OS-III as a real time operating system. The system was also modeled in a cyber-physical simulation environment to allow for larger battery pack evaluations than the five physically available Smart Cells.